Humanitarian Actions

FBDH Nomination Ordinance 0007/2021 
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Board of Directors/CEO:
Rodolfo Lopes de Brito   ✉️
Regis Braga Francisco    ✉️

Alternates:  :                                  
Adão Nunes                   ✉️
David Ribeiro Santos    ✉️

The FBDH – Brazilian Federation for the Defense of Human Rights – constituted as an NGO, a legal entity of private law, non-profit, is intended to defend human dignity by protecting fundamental rights through actions with the community to reduce social inequality to finally bring the social justice, does not escape this commitment.

Founded on November 20, 2011, by its current president Dr. Elizeu Simões Fagundes Rosa, FBDH was already established creating a new concept in promoting peace, freedom, protection, and defense of human rights, and with the promotion of humanitarian projects, FBDH presents below some humanitarian actions to act in a more comprehensive and participatory in promoting the defense of human rights, distributing the actions in nuclei to objectify the functionality of the project.




Ombudsman Center and Ombudsman’s Office:

  • Human Rights Ombudsman
  • Call Center for receiving complaints and other demands related to human rights

Human Rights Ombudsman

  • Complaints investigation
  • Conflict mediation
  • Confronting and combating pedophilia and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents
  • Reporting acts against life, environment, and police violence
  • Forwarding the facts to the competent agencies.

Social Assistance Center

  • Attending to the general public
  • Basic screening
  • General registration for basic and continued care
  • Planning, execution and coordination of social programs and projects
  • Conducting studies and research on social reality
  • Elaborating social opinions
  • Providing guidance to individuals and groups regarding their social rights
  • Performing socioeconomic evaluations of individuals to access benefits and social services from FBDH
  • Specialized care for women and their families

  • Select individuals to receive aid from FBDH such as: basic food baskets, gas cylinders, medicine, wheelchairs, crutches, etc.
  • Help low-income people who need homecare services and who don’t have the ideal conditions for the treatment, even if they have governmental help
  • To make available, through the FBDH, funds for funeral assistance for low-income people
  • To verify with the FBDH the financial availability of emergency housing assistance for people at risk due to landslides or other events caused by the force of nature
  • Select families to have their houses remodeled
  • Selecting families to receive public housing


  • Family law
  • Women’s law
  • Consumer law


  • Study, evaluation and analysis of the needs of an individual, group or community
  • Development of indices and indicators of the aspects related to interaction within a group
  • Detection of risk groups within a community
  • Approach to advertising campaigns
  • Analysis of the social networks of an individual, group, or community


  • To insert the practice of education, in non-schooling spaces, such as: social responsibility projects in private institutions; churches, through adult literacy activities; community centers, through professional qualification and training; prisons, through pedagogical workshops, as well as in hospitals, nursing homes or in social assistance to people in situations of risk and abandonment
  • Train and qualify employees, proposing activities and actions for the personal and professional development of the employees

  • Adopting several learning methodologies, from traditional courses, lectures, and corporate training, to more innovative methods such as special dynamics and distance learning



Center for the Improvement of Human Condition

  • Deployment of machines to generate water from air particles
  • Deployment of artesian wells with solar energy pumps
  • Implantation of drip irrigation systems
  • Aid in the implantation of cooperatives for rural production
  • Free training courses for young people for their first job
  • Home renovation program for needy people
  • Renovation and expansion program for rehabilitation centers for people in need
  • Implantation and/or partnership with a rehabilitation center for people addicted to drugs, tobacco and alcohol



  • Food Distribution Center
  • Distribution center for donations of clothes, utensils and toys
  • Shelter for people in places of risk and calamity during rainy seasons
  • Installation of a solar energy plant to supply the demand of the FBDH buildings
  • Literacy center for adults
  • Training center for human rights defenders of the FBDH


  • Social Hospital (Day)
  • Clinical Analyses Laboratory
  • Professional Training Courses

FBDH – Brazilian Federation for Human Rights

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