Indigenous communities have been disproportionately affected by the impact of COVID-19, and the loss of elders also means irreparable losses in the culture and history of these communities.

Watch and share this video, which contextualizes the mural made by artist Tito Ferrara in collaboration with UN Verified to pay homage to the many indigenous elders that were lost to COVID-19.

The mural is located on Rua da Consolação, in downtown São Paulo.

Video credits
Script, direction, filming and editing
Raphael Felisbino

Text and narration
Tito Ferrara

Inspiration and narration
Kanynary Apurinã

Kaê Guajajara

In collaboration with:
United Nations Information Center for Brazil

Communications strategy
Caroline Rego, Juliana Matteucci and Marjorie Enya (Purpose Campaigns)

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